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Fall Classes

If you are still interested in registering for fall classes please sign up. There are some classes that are already full, if so, add to the waiting list and we will let you know when we have an opening.

Upcoming Events

Winter Showcase

January 12, 2020

Clothing Order

We have NLDA clothing available for order. You must turn in order forms by October 15th. The order forms are located below.


How do I register for a dance class? 

Please go to to register for any dance classes at Northern Lights Dance Academy.

How do I order from the nimbly store?

Please see attachment below.

What is a performance team?

We have performance team for ages 5+ to offer our dancers the opportunity to perform and compete. Our dancers will perform at local events throughout the dance season and then will compete at two competition in the spring. These teams are required to take additional classes at NLDA and be dedicated to dance and growing with their team mates. Performance teams have been decided for the 2019-2020 season.